Saturday, June 30, 2012

Follow me...!

Thanks for following me around SA, I still have loads of stories to tell and I promise I will not deprive you of them! For now, I have landed in Costa Rica and I have a new kind of story. Follow me to Costa Rica in my 'other' blog'


  1. i miss that dog... plus cheeky.... wish
    they were here

  2. cant read the twitter updates?? black on grey background and the print so small. even when i increase the size it difficult to read you need abright colour to contrast and make it easier to read

    1. I have tried to edit the settings, even gone into the code to see what I can do, but it seems as though I am a real hazard in the back-end. I have finally given up. The good news is that twitter automatically updates my FB page:
      Besides, the FB page has reams more than just twitter updates, so it's actually a lot more fun ;)