Friday, January 29, 2010

George! Finally!

All in all it took us about 10 hours to get to George, with Jacqui checking in on us every couple of hours or so. As far as she was concerned there was no more perfect time to host Tony's birthday party so I'm pretty sure while we were chugging along the N2 they were preparing lunch, sticking candles in birthday cakes and stacking birthday gifts while they distracted their other guests from the mouth watering table with black label and putting the lemonade to good use mixing up a few shandies. I'm guessing here but I'm probably not that wrong!

Lunchtime waxed and waned and though we were aware that our expectant hosts were either getting worried or hungry we had to stop at Albertinia. Our hot box needed some time in the coolness of the quaint little garage's botanical gardens while we emptied our bladders. We were lucky to witness a pair of Ford Sapphires adorned with coke cans and ribbons, loudly announcing the arrival of a newly married couple. Before we knew it the photo-shoot was over as they clattered off to their after party.

Meeting my cousin for the first time in our adult lives wasn't half as strange as it should have been. We followed her into the driveway of the most gorgeous family 'estate' I have ever seen and immediately longed for one just like that. I was so dumb stuck by the entire visit that I completely forgot to take any pictures. So I hi-jacked a few off Facebook! The 2 Blondie's on the right are sisters and were not blonde that steaming hot Saturday afternoon. Apparently it was some spontaneous decision that they both die their hair the same dark brown!

I also got to meet my aunt Sheena and it didn't surprise me how much she reminded me of my mother since she had married one of my father's 4 brother's, understanding of course that these 5 boys were brought up by one very strong minded woman!

I was most interested to see Anthea since I had seen hundred of modelling pictures of this girl who was apparently only 14! This little lady even had her own web-site that I browsed from time to time. Much to my surprise, Anthea turned out to be the most down to earth, well adjusted teenager. And her little sister, Tasha, just as photogenic, but a little less on the fast comment side, a very bubbly, easy going girlie.

And who, may you ask, is the little beast sitting on the table? Well, Chloe, wondering where he fitted in, asked Jacqui and was happy with hearing that he was Jacqui's little boy! Content for a very short while, she continued, 'From your tummy?' eye-brows clenched. This gentleman translates 7:15 into SEVEN FIFTEEN for this household.

So we were ushered very eagerly into the cosy enclosed verandah of one of the 3 homes on the property where we were introduced hastily to the remaining guests and Tony, barely pretending to hold back from the stack of gifts. The table, sagging under the delicious spread pulled my kids in like a strong current. Chloe interested only in the cheese was offered a cheese roll. She shook her head. 'No, just cheese please. Lindsay grabbed a roll preparing to stack it high with 'just cheese please'. Clearly misunderstood Chloe said a bit louder 'No, no roll. Just cheese please'.

Storm was on the other side of the table busy attacking the diminishing bowl of lollipops, chomping them down to the stick and handing me the left overs so as to not waste any more time on the way back the lollipop bowl. She was fairly aptly nick-named the 'lollipop monster'.

The lollipop monster's favourite attire is her birthday suit and any small amount of juice on her clothes is the perfect excuse to strip down to it. On top of it she refuses to drink out of cups that prevent spilling. So needless to say there was coke on her tracksuit and she was down to her panties in no time. The panties didn't last long either and little Miss Naked was interacting quite normally with these semi-strangers.

She gravitated towards the boys since they were naturally louder and obviously more exciting. It is for this very reason that I have saved this introduction for last. Storm didn't notice that Tony's cousin, Jared was disturbed by her blatant nakedness, giggled uncontrollably, closed his eyes, hid his face and objected to his mother, Lindsay. Lindsay came to his rescue much as she had come to Chloe's, and fetched a pair of Jared's too-small undies.

Jared didn't know what was worse, This naked baby or her wearing HIS undies! Storm on the other hand couldn't help but instantly fall in love with these fancy new style panties and for the duration of our stay tried to make sure that if they were not covering her little butt she knew just where they were!

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