Monday, January 25, 2010

Trouble was brewing in Alice, no doubt about it we had to go. The decision was made begrudgingly so I knew, this had to become the adventure of a life time! Starting with meeting my cousin, one of very few family in this country, for the first time in my adult life!

George, apparently only 400 odd km's from Cape Town was my very first goal. And since I'd never driven my purring Rose Bugg faster than 90km's per hour and that was only for an hour, I thought a cool 80 km's an hour would just about do it.

By the time the light came the city was gone. in it's place a coolness with a promise of the sweltering heat in store for this part of the world.

where we had camped the previous year under a full canopy of pine needles. Putting past the newly The furthest I had ever driven was just past the now sleeping Caledon to a farm, voorspoede, past the newly erected sign - I had a new record!

My yellow lane driving allowed a lot of sight-seeing of hay rolls and overlapping yellow hills tipping right over the horizon and as the kids and pooch started to stir they delighted at the sheep dotted all over the place. We couldn't help it, our unconventional trip forced us to stop.

How is it ever so peaceful, quiet and happy that the urge swells up to want to let out a howl of the wild? Break the silence with the scream of joy. Do you get such a thing?

Next on the agenda was the boring morng routine of breakfast, brushing teeth and hair and touching up on a bit of make-up. Riviersonderend served it's purpose with clean bathrooms at the service station. Tummies full of coco-pops an slightly warm yogurt our slow but steady carriage led us on.

Malgas! Is THAT what it was called!! I employed the full capacity of my brakes and U-turned into the petting farm under a BP sign. A place where you pay to feed someone else's goats!The tiny packets were worth every cent, these goats were all they were cracked up to be, nibbling out of Chloe's hand she didn't want to leave.

Storm on the other hand had found the fireman's pole and she wasn't coming down if she could help it!

I finally got their attention only to lose it to a pink and green bubble car. They didn't care that it didn't vibrate or shake hem around, life was tinted from inside there and this was where they wanted to be. Malgas was tops in my books right then!

I loved the bathroom, decorated with fresh flowers. I swore I would be back. But for now we were headed to George and I started to consider making good time. My cousin was waiting for me!

OK, so we were ding 80, perhaps I should consider AVERAGING 80. That way I could be sure of how long it would take me to get there. So while the uphills had me at 60 and sometimes even less I took advantage of the upcoming downhill and pushed the old lady to 100. Wheeeee! The whistling wind through the window that never quite closes properly was actually quite nice. It wasn't long until the smell of burning plastic triggered the 'turn-the-ignition-off' reflex. I didn't hit the brakes, I was trying to maintain what ever dignity there may have been left.

My Snoozing Crew in the back started to stir. I climbed out, opened up my back hatch, took an ignorant look, removed something arb, closed it again. i climbed back into little Miss Faithful, prayed and made a very silent, urgent wish, promising that I really was happy with 80. No matter what. And turned the ignition...

That car doesn't like me, she LOVES me! She had no reason to drive me one more inch but she drove me 2000 more kilometers!!

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