Friday, September 14, 2012

So how did I land up in Costa Rica anyway?

To me the answer is logical since I was present during all the events leading up to this moment.

But in reality this is not very typical South African behaviour. While it is common for single people to pack up and relocate to Australia, England or Europe due to a complete lack of opportunities in our home land, very few venture off to the Other Side Of The World.

My circumstances, as usual, are extreme and actually they make for quite an interesting tale so here it is all laid out before ya.

I resigned from life The Way It Should Be for reasons that are likely to derail the storyline a little and I was hunting for a comfort zone. In the process I moved to a tiny apartment (or flat as I would call it) in Table View. It was far from great but it did a good job of serving its purpose. This flat was at the back of a massive hose divided into apartments which were rented to whoever would stay there.

So here I am with my 2 kids in Table View and as it turns out I must have urinated heavily on someone's battery. The residents of this house had been watching my comings and goings a little too closely for me to be comfortable with and one day when I left my beloved monsters to watch tv while I went out briefly, one of the taloned huntresses seized her opportunity.

She had the misfortune of working for the SA Police which gave her access to a fair amount of power which she decided to abuse reporting me directly to the minister of social services and accusing me of neglecting my kids.

You know what? Give me your best shot, I said. I have nothing to hide.

A social worker was sent over, who wrote up a brief report and suggested an open and shut case. O if only it were so simple! This case was sitting on the desk of the MINISTER for social services and it needed a more thorough investigation. I was miffed but I agreed to the excessive amount of documentation they were asking me for. They needed bank statements, letters from Mr X, Mrs Y and various other sources. They wanted my medical records and bank statements. All of which I agreed to despite the absurdity.

On about day 2 of this very out of proportion ordeal the social worker had been to my place to pick up some of the docs. She was struggling to believe that her superiors were taking this to the extent they were and decided to bring a colleague along with her as some kind of witness. Her actions kept me motivated that this was kinda under control.

My day went on as usual. Until she called me.

She explained that she had been given orders to remove my kids. The reason was based on the fact that the house was clearly a toxic environment.

You are dam right. I did not take the news well. I told her that she should know better than to make any such attempt and that I would do whatever possible to protect my kids.

Within a matter of minutes I was on the phone to my sister in Zimbabwe and the formidable force that we are together arranged passports and plane tickets for my kids within less than 48 hours.

When I got back from dropping my monsters off in Jo'burg I was fully expecting to be arrested for obstruction of justice. As it so happens the social worker had been buying me time and the order had not been formalised. My kids were out of their jurisdiction and I was safe.

This was the beginning and from here I went to see my beloved cousin in George and awesome friend in Grabouw and then I commenced on the epic 3 day bugg trip which landed me in Jo'burg.

When I got the email asking me if I would be interested in going to Costa Rica my bags were packed, my house rented out, my stuff on storage and I was moving. I just didn't know that it was to The Other Side Of The World. I also didn't realise how open I'd be to making that move.

Within 2 weeks of my 20 minutes Skype interview I was on a plane. But basically the reason I am in Costa Rica is because it happened at just the right time. How do you argue with that?

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